A Quick Guide to Perfect Facebook Adverts

A Quick Guide to Perfect Facebook Adverts


Facebook Advertising is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its ability to target exactly the right audience. So how can you make sure that your ads are standing out from the crowded newsfeed of your potential customers?

Here are six key components to consider when making a Facebook ad.


Let’s face it, people aren’t going on to Facebook with the sole purpose of buying something – they’re looking to see what the news is with their friends and communities. When they do click on your advert, it’s because something jumped out at them that made them want to know more, something relevant to their lives right now. You need to make sure therefore that your ads are getting shown to the right people – those that will click on your ad because you’ve shown them something important.

Facebook has recently launched a relevance score in their advertising platform, similar to the one Google uses in AdWords. Your ads get treated more favourable if you get a high score with your ad image, copy and destination page.


Choosing visual content will grab people’s attention is essential with the rapid pace of people’s newsfeeds. 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual, so you need to ensure that any image that you choose for your ad is sending the right message to the consumer; grabbing their attention and selling your products or services without words.


Establishing who your customers are can help you with your ads. If you know exactly who it is that you are trying to appeal to, you can create an ad which is centred on their needs. Pairing this with Facebook’s excellent targeting system can ensure that your ads are getting noticed by the people that you want.


You need to ensure the viewer gets a sense of the value proposition of what you are trying to sell – the USP that you offer that makes you a better choice than all the others. You also need to include a call to action which is direct and adds a sense of urgency to your proposition – something like ‘Buy now and get 20% off’.

Meet People’s Needs

Buying stuff isn’t just about what we need – if that were true people wouldn’t drive around in fancy sports cars and Apple wouldn’t sell nearly as many phones. So to really get people’s attention, make sure that your ad isn’t just about the features – meeting people’s rational side, but also about the benefits – meeting people’s emotional needs.

People don’t buy products because of the features. Instead, they look at how it can solve problems in their lives, making it better, easier and less stressful. Make sure that your ad gets this point across.


When someone does click though on your ad, you need to make sure that the page they land on is consistent. If you use one image of a product to gain their attention, make sure that specific product is on the page when they get to your site. If you lure them in with an offer, make sure they can see it when they get to your website, otherwise they may just end up clicking back to their newsfeed fairly quickly.