A Quick Guide to Bing Ads Conversion Tracking

A Quick Guide to Bing Ads Conversion Tracking


Recently, Bing has been stepping up their game with Bing Ads to take on their biggest competitors such as Google Analytics. While it is unlikely they will be knocking Google off the top spot anytime soon, Bing Ads have introduced some cool new features that will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to conversion tracking.

Universal Event Tracking is a fantastic tool that you can use with Bing Ads to track what your customers are doing after clicking on the advertisement. This tool will essentially let you know exactly what customer are doing once they land on your website! Now with Bing Ads and Universal Event Tracking you can use just one tag. This one tag is placed across your entire site and Bing Ads will the collect this data to track conversion goals. You can also target audiences with remarketing lists!

Why You Should Use Bing Ads and Universal Event Tracking

There are four big reasons why you should be using Bing Ads and Universal Event Tracking. The first is to improve your investment. With Bing Ads you can optimise campaigns better as you will know what keywords bring in conversions and which don’t. What many people also love about Universal Event Tracking is that it is incredibly easy to manage. Your entire site needs just one tag so each time you want to create a new conversion goal another tag is not required.

With Universal Event Tracking, you will be ready to remarket in paid searches too. This is because it serves as remarketing tags which means you can customise bids, keywords and advertisements to potential customers who have visited your site previously. Bing Ads are also very compatible and work with leading tag management solutions such as Google Tag Manager.

What Will This Programme Track?

Universal Event Tracking will track lots of different things at your request such as purchases, downloads and sign ups. You can also specifically track certain things such as the quantity of people who visited a specific page on your site and this time frame. People can also look at how many pages a user has viewed and how many people installed mobile apps, plus much more.

How to Set Up Bing Ads

Setting up Bing Ads conversion tracking is a simple process that we can take you through step by step. Firstly, you will need to set up a goal to generate a tag. Log in and hit the Shared Library button, then click Goals and Conversions and Create Goal.

You can then define your goal here and the Goal Type should be set at Destination URL. This is then where you will specify the ‘thank-you’ URL which acts as a goal conversion for the entire site. For the majority of static pages, players will want to go with ‘Begins With’ for the URL type. Uses can then enter in their goal value if their goals have a monetary conversion attached to it. Choose the Tag Name and Create a Tag. Here, it is up to you what you call your tag name! Head back on over to the Goals and Conversions page where the code snippet can be found in View Tag. Have your web developer add this in and you are ready to start tracking those conversions with Bing Ads!