A Little Handy Guide to the CRO Basics

A Little Handy Guide to the CRO Basics


There’s plenty of ways to improve conversions, some more time consuming and costly than others. Given the importance of results from lead generation and marketing campaigns, it’s no surprise that so much effort is placed on Conversion Rate Optimisation. Whether you’re a small business or major e-commerce giant, there should be no avoiding the CRO best practices. Here we’ve listed five of the most common which could see your conversions and profits soar.

Half price bonanza

Half price for a limited time – sounds like a sale gimmick, right? Without going into the psychology behind this method, it does evoke the feeling of getting a bargain, thus encouraging users to part with their hard-earned cash. It works best when a stark contrast is provided.

For example, try offering a premium product at an excessively high price that wouldn’t be feasible for most consumers. Clearly, this won’t be very appealing but when a half-price offer in a similar category is placed alongside it, this will suddenly look like a fantastic deal. It’s great for your audience as they’ll be getting a good deal and you’ll increase profits as you sell out on these lower priced items.

Make it seem scarce

Have you ever browsed a holiday provider’s website only to panic when that dream package shows ‘limited availability left’. The sense of urgency to buy now increases tenfold as you can’t bear the thought of missing out. As is so often the case, people want what they can’t have.

Leverage this idea of scarcity by adding stock counters to products. You’d be surprised at how much impact a subtle alert which displays “Only 3 items left at this price” can have. Alternatively, run a flash offer where certain products are discounted for a limited time before being increased back to the full amount.

Use content wisely

The power of content is often overlooked in the world of ecommerce which is surprising given the effectiveness of a simple article or quiz. Take for example a pop-up test which asks the user a series of questions in a fun an engaging way. That may be “7 Signs You’re Eating the Wrong Foods’ or ‘Are Your Workouts Effective’.

Once the user has answered these question, a score can automatically be provided as well as a solution to the ‘problem’. Instantly, you’ve become an informative site which not only provides insight but also gives the solution. Link through to your products accordingly and you’ll cater to the user’s new found urge for your product.

Give something back

Who doesn’t appreciate something free with absolutely no strings attached? Take that sentiment and build upon it by offering your valued customers something they’ll appreciate. That may be free product samples or any form of knowledge that may be of interest to them.

Give them free access to an otherwise paid report or offer tips and valuable help on a given topic. This will feel all the more genuine as you’re asking for nothing in return. But thanks to the law of reciprocity, this act of kindness should be rewarded. Your audience will feel much more inclined to make a purchase at some point in the future.