A Fresh List of Design Blogs to Follow

A Fresh List of Design Blogs to Follow

Every now and then we like to share our ‘sources’ with you – here’s what we love and read in the world of design. Feel free to expand our minds with your own suggestions in the comments below!

A great resource with tips and advice for all – from the beginner through to the pro who just wants to keep up with key trends.

Insightful articles about the design community, with business tips as well as design ideas and mysteries explained.

If you get inspired by cool new graphics, textures, brushes and more, then you’ll want to check out SpoonGraphics.

With guest writers and interviews from important design world bods as well as great articles on all design issues, Boagworld is a fantastic resource for the consummate design professional.

A little more technical, CSS Tricks has, you guessed it, CSS tricks, videos and a library of resource to help you with anything you need to know about CSS.

Keeping up to date with everything is important when it comes to design so you’ll need to keep your eye out. For news about everything from business tips to JavaScript, fnd this and more at Designmodo.

With everything from blog posts on freebies through to reviews and freelance tips, Inspired Magazine can help you if you’re a freelancer or if you work in-house for a company.

Just Creative is the portfolio and blog of Jacob Cass. He specialises in logo and brand design but writes about everything design wise.

With anything and everything covered from coding through to design, graphics, mobile and UX, Smashing Magazine is a must read for anyone working in digital marketing and design.

For topical resources such as vector art, along with articles and posts on all sorts of topics, consider checking out Web Design Fact.