A Day of REST

A Day of REST

John Hewick

So the REST API was merged into WordPress 4.4 on December 8th 2015 and everyone is going nuts about it. That’s because the REST API means that WordPress can be used as a backend to make fantastic apps while still being easy to use for content editors at the front end. It’s already used by top names such as WIRED, The New York Times and many more.

January 28th sees A Day of REST, an event held in London with nine speakers from the REST API development team speaking, as well as people from some top flight companies who are already using the REST API to break the shackles of what the CMS used to be able to do and take full advantage of all that the new API integration has to offer.

If you are a developer who is looking at the REST API and finding yourself becoming ridiculously excited, then it could be the event for you. Whether you are a PHP developer hoping to learn more about where WordPress is headed, a JavaScript developer who doesn’t want to mess around with any PHP anymore, or if you are an application developer who is looking at using WordPress as a building block in your next big idea, then sign up today.

The event is being held at:

25 Red Lion Square

There’s also going to be a hack day on the 29th January 2016 (the day after) for those that fancy tinkering around with what the REST API integration can really do. This will be at 10:30am – 17:30pm and hosted at Mozilla Space in London, 101 St Martins Lane (3rd Floor), WC2N 4AZ.

Tickets can be found here.

Elementary Digital is a proud sponsor of A Day of Rest.

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