A Day of REST – The Speakers

A Day of REST – The Speakers

Andy Holland

A Day of REST in London on January 28th is an opportunity to hear from some of the people who have worked on, or worked with, the REST API.

Here is a rundown of the speakers.

Ryan McCue – Human Made – Developer

At 21, Ryan has been contributing to WordPress for seven years. He’s the lead developer of the WordPress REST API project which is bringing the API into the core. He’s also the developer of the Request HTTP Library and the SimplePie RSS/Atom parsing library.

Joe Hoyle – Human Made – Cofounder

Heading up the development team at Human made is Joe Hoyle. The REST API project has been one of his babies for the past year as they try to bring the API from plugin to native. He is also a fan of hacking about with React, Redux and ES6.

Daniel Bachhuber – Hand Built – Principal

From Portland Oregon, home of hipsters and creatives*, is Daniel Bachhuber. He maintains WP-CLI and is a prominent contributor to the WP API project.

Kathleen Vignos – WIRED – Director of Engineering

A full stack engineer as well as the director of engineering over at Wired, Kathleen Vignos is also the founder of an ecommerce business and used to be a technical consultant at Accenture and PeopleSoft/Oracle.

Jack Lenox – Automattic – Design Engineer

Jack Lenox has had a lot of time to play around with JavaScript-based themes that use the REST API, so if you’re looking for someone with the experience to help you with yours, then he’s your man.

Nikolay Bachiyski – Automattic – WordPress.org Security Czar

Appointed in 2015 as Security Czar, Nicolay Bachiyski has been working for Automattic for ten years and works as a core contributor at WordPress.

Adam White – Bocoup – JavaScript Engineer

Another WordPress core contributor as well as an author of a Node.js client for the WordPress REST AP and one of the organisers of the Boston WordPress community, K. Adam White is a big fan of all things open source. He is a JavaScript engineer at Bocoup which is an Open Web technology company.

Scott Taylor – The New York Times – Senior Software Engineer

Working with the Interactive News Team, Scott Taylor has already had chance to get to grips with the REST API and play with some of the ways that it can be put to good use. He’s a core developer of WordPress and also the Release Lead for the new version 4.4, as well as working on the last ten versions. Also a musician, he lives in Williamsburg, hipster Mecca in New York*.

Tickets for A Day of REST are available from here.

* Yes, we’re jealous!