99 problems, a digital agency isn’t one!


It’s a minefield when trying to enter the world of digital. You need a) a website b) a masters degree in search engine optimisation and c) to work with a digital agency you can trust. Involved in digital for over ten years we’ve seen the relationship with our clients dramatically change as ‘cowboys’ have rapidly emerged promising, ‘top three results’ for a bag full of peanuts and magic dust. Not looking to rant but in the world of digital marketing quality buys quality (and results), ignore these words and 99 of your problems will be your digital agency! Let us share with you some classic issues when working with the wild west of the digital world:

1. It looks pretty but we don’t have any presence – the old design v’s search engine optimisation argument. You work with a creative company that has been designing brochures for over 50 years, however your site is their first website. It may have all the bells and whistles that you want to compliment the sign on your door but if it does tick the boxes from a search point of view you don’t exist and presence is more important than vanity.

2. You need a doctorate in code to operate the content management system – developers code for developers, they understand there own logic (and don’t get us wrong it’s usually pretty good) but your content management system needs to work for you and be ‘intuitive’, when you work with a digital agency with a handful of developers they have their own thinking and often it’s limited to the four walls of their office.

3. It’s special, it’s our bespoke system – don’t believe the hype, following on from the last point when you have say four developers working on a cms you’re limited to a small team of people developing, maintaining and evolving your website code. When you use an off-the-shelf system like WordPress or Magento your working with a team of millions (tens of millions) and the world is your oyster.

These are some of the common themes we hear when chatting to businesses about their websites and working with a digital agency. We understand all our clients have 99 problems, but we try to make sure their digital agency is not one. Everything we develop has search at the heart of it, we use the biggest content management systems in the world, WordPress and Magento and take an active part in the development community for both.


Author Gyles Seward

Gyles is our Managing Director and knowledgeable in all things WordPress.

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