9 Things To Know About Woocommerce

Ecommerce websites are huge, and they are only getting bigger going into 2014. There are numerous plugins for Ecommerce available for WordPress, but Woocommerce is the most popular WordPress Ecommerce toolkit. We’ve put together 9 things you need to know about Woocommerce:

  1. Familiarity: With over 51% of the top million websites currently supported by WordPress, familiarity is one of Woocommerce’s biggest advantages. Past users are able to benefit from recognising the user-friendly content management system, saving confusion and ultimately saving time learning how to use it.
  2. Flexible: WordPress is notorious for it’s flexibility, and Woocommerce is no different. Users have flexibility with their products without having to know too much about the technical side. Categorisation, independent attributes etc can all be added to products, with Woocommerce stories having the capability to sell virtual, physical and downloadable products, as well as external/affiliate products.
  3. Integration: A functioning store can be build within a professional website alongside an integrated blog, presented together seamlessly and with all of the business’ online presence accessible in one place.
  4. Professional: However simple the platform is too use, it does not deter from the professional online store solution. The platform contains customer engagement tools allowing customers to track their products, view past and open orders, apply discounts and coupons, update delivery statuses and so on. Users are able to manage inventory, tax settings and anything else needed to build a professional Ecommerce site.
  5. Growth: Woocommerce gives the opportunity to expand your online store in terms of products, management and customers. Themes can be modified, extensions can be build using various API’s as well as an extensive documentation library.
  6. Themes: Woothemes have a reputation of being reliable and professional, and we completely agree. Along with extensions and plugins, users can benefit from video tutorials and community forums, helping to share ideas and problems with other WordPress users.
  7. Applications: A business can be set up easily, be presented professionally, and managed easily, with simple extra functionality extensions. Applications relating to anything from payment gateways, reporting, marketing, accounting and more can be added to enhance the functionality of the site.
  8. Customise: Woocommerce isn’t a rigid platform; modifications can be made to customise the platform for it to be exactly customised to your requirements. Any of the 39 available themes can have colour themes changed, pre-set CSS styles altered, codes tweaked and the special features within each theme experimented with.
  9. Analysis: Analytics tools are key for any website, Woocommerce doesn’t disappoint on this. A wide array of statistics are clear and easy to understand. Users are able to see their sales by date, total sales, customer statistics and much more without the user having to leave their admin panel.

Author Rachel Ough

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