7 Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Developers

7 Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Developers

John Hewick

While it may seem like Google Chrome has always been available to use, this web browser has actually only been around since 2008.  Regardless, in its short 10-year period, Chrome has quickly become one of the most popular web browsers now available.

While Chrome hasn’t yet matched the same popularity that Internet Explorer enjoyed in the early days of the internet, it easily beats out the vast majority of other browsers currently available on the market.  One of the main reasons Google Chrome is such a popular option is because it is fast, easy to use and chock full of impressive features, such as Chrome extensions and themes.

If you’re a WordPress developer, it is important that what you are designing can easily be adapted and used on any browser or device.  For any developer, Google Chrome is a great option, as it is extremely helpful in terms of tools – or Chrome extensions – that have been specifically created for developers in mind.

Here, we’re giving you a run-down of some of the best Chrome extensions available for developers.

Web Developer

Web Developer is easily one of the best extensions currently available for developers.  It currently boasts almost a million users and an exceptional 4.5 star rating.  This extension will add a little toolbar with a number of tools that pertain to information, images, forms, resizing and more.


Wappalyzer is a tool that gives developers the ability to identify a number of technologies that help to make up the back end of your WordPress site.  This Chrome extension provides cross-platform utility and is fully open-source. This means it has the ability to detect a huge range of different technologies.  These technologies include eCommerce platforms, server software, web frameworks and more.

Window Resizer

After Google’s latest index initiative that showcases a mobile-first approach, it is now more important than ever to take the time to test WordPress websites.  By testing your WordPress site, you can ensure that your design is responsive.  This is where Window Resizer is a great tool for WordPress developers.  This particular extension will automatically resize your browser window.  You will then be able to test the responsiveness of your design based on a number of resolutions.

Page Ruler

This Chrome extension will render a ruler on your web page.  This ruler gives you the width, height and position of any page element.  With Page Ruler, you will be able to drag the edges of the ruler to resize it.

Instant Wireframe

This extension gives developers the ability to view pages differently.  This is done by placing a wireframe overlay on top of the current page design. Also, Instant Wireframe is a great option when you are looking for some new design inspiration.


This Chrome extension gives developers the ability to create fantastic snapshots of your code, in seconds.  Marmoset is a great option if you are creating a graphical representation of your work.

Check My Links

This is a super handy tool in a developer’s arsenal.  This extension will save you a lot of time as it will automatically find all of the links on a specific web page and check them for you.  Check My Links will show you which ones are valid and which links are broken.

Which Chrome extensions are your favourite?  Let us know in the comments section below.

John Hewick

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