5 Tools Online PR’s Shouldn’t Be Without


Many companies are broadening their horizons by trying to incorporate search engine optimisation (SEO) alongside PR work online, and SEO companies adding PR online onto their repertoire. There is plenty of software on the market to help you make your PR number 1 through SEO. In fact, there are so many that we have decided to give you our top 5. This shortlist should help you straight away to optimise your website.

5. LinkedIn Advanced Search: This may surprise a lot of you, but LinkedIn Advanced Search holds a plethora of information! Of course, you should be in touch with your social media campaign and already have LinkedIn as a business, so have a little look yourself: http://www.linkedin.com/search?trk=advsrch

4. If This, Then That: PR teams will generally know when there are opportunities for a story, but IFTTT will help you manage the opportunities across multiple campaigns. The following link will give you a chance to see how it all works: https://ifttt.com/

3. Follower Wonk: This software is a search engine (but a really powerful one) using biography information provided by Twitter users! The advanced search is particularly effective – you can find, in one place,  all of the people using one companies URL, which is most likely the specific companies employees. http://followerwonk.com/

2. Uber Suggest: This site gathers together all of Google Suggestions (you know… the ones that come up while you’re typing when you search Google) and is an ideal place for brainstorming ideas. Check it out at http://ubersuggest.org/.

1. Google Insights: This comes top of the pile as it shows the peaks and troughs of topical information. It is highly valuable information for those in PR for bloggers and journalists for ideas for a story. Enjoy: http://www.google.com/trends/


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