5 Quick Online Marketing Tips for SMBs

5 Quick Online Marketing Tips for SMBs

Running a successful small or medium sized business is no easy feat. It can be even more challenging for the online business owner. The rules and best practices of the real world don’t always apply on this virtual platform. Customers act very differently and expectations are often high.

That said, you’ll want to adhere to some useful tips when carrying out any online marketing. The five listed below are surprisingly effective yet commonly overlooked. Try some or all of these and you should be on the way to a growing audience with rewarding conversions and engagement.

Get analytical

There’s no excuse for not utilising the impressive tracking features of Google Analytics. The basic package is completely free and more than powerful enough to provide fascinating insights. Without the ability to measure, you’ll simply be trying to blindly improve your shortcomings.

Instead, take advantage of the impressive data at your fingertips. That includes how long visitors are staying on your site, at what point they are leaving and the demographics behind your audience. Understanding this brings you one step closer to achieving a tailored marketing plan.

Consider the <title> tag

Navigate to any page on your website and take a look at the titles which correspond to the URL in the search bar. Now consider these from the eyes of a consumer. Does it include keywords that people may type in the search engines to come across this content or product. Does it adequately describe what’s on the page in a concise manner while remaining unique enough to separate you from the competition?

If you’re answering no to all of the above, then it’s time you placed more emphasis on the <title> tag. This is one of the influential factors in achieving that all important top page ranking on Google. Do some keyword research to discover what title will draw in the most potential customers.

Start a blog

You’ve heard it a thousand times but this is one marketing technique that still doesn’t lose its effectiveness. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to churn out endless content in order to keep visitors coming back for more. Far from it!

A well written blog article once a week can be more than enough to increase your visibility on the web while showing off your credibility in your chosen sector. Create something unique that meets a niche and you’ll have instantly shareable content, best broadcasted across your social media channels.

Don’t dismiss the local directories

With the uptake of virtual personal assistants and upgrades to Google’s local search finder, there’s never been more emphasis on business directories. That includes Yell, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Merchant Circle and tons more.

While it may have seemed time consuming and somewhat pointless to add your details to these in the past, that’s no longer the case. In order to show up on the local searches, your details need to be found across as many directories as possible. Other steps can be taken as part of your local SEO such as including plenty of reviews/ customer testimonials as well as adding opening times and an array of contact details to each directory platform.

Include multi media

Scroll down the feed of most social media sites and you’ll likely come across countless videos. This medium is clearly growing in popularity. It’s not surprising given the ever-increasing demand for easy-to-digest content that’s quick and engaging.

Jump on this trend by starting a vlog or showcasing your products and services with a brief video clip. These can look professional and current with very little expenditure required. It’s good news for your marketing budget and should look great posted to your Facebook and Twitter feed.