5 Most Creative ‘Coming Soon’ Pages So Far

5 Most Creative ‘Coming Soon’ Pages So Far

Stuart Holmes

If your website is not ready to see the light of day, there is still opportunity to make your visitors hungry for more. With clever copywriting and images, a creative ‘Coming Soon’ page can generate a buzz, encourage email sign-ups and give your website a head start in climbing the SEO ranks.

Not sure where to begin? For inspiration and ideas, here is a selection of our favourite ‘Coming Soon’ pages.

  1. Stuvio

This page is aesthetically subtle, with a modest but powerful firefly backdrop. Using a clear sign-up form, the ‘Stuvio’ marketplace is utilizing the landing page to build a community of artists and buyers. In the absence of a website, visitors are directed to the Twitter page for updates. The ‘Join Us’ email link provides an air of intrigue while serving as an additional sign-up tool.

Creative Tip: Although tempting to go heavy on the design, sometimes simplicity wins the day.

  1. Backpacker Travel

The beautiful mountainous landscape taps into the psyche of the typical backpacker who is craving adventure. A stunning photo on its own will not contribute to lead generation, the translucent content box entices the viewer to take action and sign up, while still enjoying the view.

Creative Tip: Consider your imagery. Carefully position your content box so that the best part of the image is still in sight.

  1. Revista

There are a number of features that are tied together nicely on this page. The logo fills up the blank space with content positioned so not to detract impact from the background image. Colour plays a key role with custom purple links matching the wardrobe and pops of colour adding depth while complementing the sign-up form and counter widget.

Creative Tip: Your Coming Soon page can act as a teaser. Use a simple logo and a powerful background image to give your visitors an insight of what’s to come.

  1. Blocks

This minimalist page comes with fine line sketches against a watercolour effect, adding strength to the vision of the company. Blocks offer a significant discount for the first 1,000 visitors to the page who sign up. The exclusivity is further explored with the promise of updates and early access for subscribers.   As you scroll down the page, the company outlines the problem they are trying to solve as well as how they are going to do it.

Creative Tip: Use storytelling in your copywriting to inspire action and loyalty

  1. MLive

The dark theme provokes feelings of being at an event.  A stand out feature is the bold logo due to it being the only injection of colour on the page. MLive is a series of events in 2016 hosted by Majestic Casual in locations such as Berlin, New York, and London. Visitors are offered an ‘Invite’ to a location of their choice as well as dates, giveaways, and limited ticket sales. The three-step sign-up process is really sleek.

 Creative Tip: Use colour wisely, sometimes grey and pinks, black and reds can have a striking effect