5 Handy Business Plugins for Your WordPress Site

5 Handy Business Plugins for Your WordPress Site


If you are a business who is not already taking full advantage of WordPress, what are you waiting for? While WordPress is fantastic, it is the business plugins on offer that really give it that extra edge to provide your customers with a powerful digital experience. These tools allow you to customise your site and make it truly unique!

Below, we have listed for you out top picks of the best business plugins that you will love for your WordPress website.

Yoast SEO

While it is great having an aesthetically beautiful website, if no one can find it then what is the point? You need to ensure that the content on your website is search engine optimisation friendly to help you rank higher in the listings. This is where Yoast comes it! This plugin makes it easy for you to keep on track and ensure that the content you are uploading will be picked up by search engines and then, in turn, by potential customers. This can work for the site as a whole or for the SEO of each individual page. Yoast works on a traffic light system, green means your content is SEO optimised, amber means it could be improved, and red means it definitely needs adjusting!

UK Services Reviews

Carrying on with the importance of SEO is the plugin UK Services Reviews. This plugin will not only help you to bring in readers, but it will also help you to convert them! As we mentioned before, your SEO needs to be up to scratch on your website and this plugin is perfect for beginners as it will help you do that. They can help you edit your content and ensure that it is SEO friendly.

Backup Buddy

We’ve all been there were we have not backed up our work properly and fallen victim to the computer crashing and losing it all. However, with the plugin Backup Buddy you can ensure that this does not happen to you again! With this plugin, it will backup WordPress, restore WordPress and Move WordPress. When you back up your site, this means that should anything go wrong such as a simple server malfunction or your site is the victim of an attack, then it will be saved and you can get it back easily.

WP Forms

This plugin is very beginner friendly and allows you to create polls, payment forms and order forms that you can then place anywhere on your site. Most forms allow you to simply use drag and drop features which means you can put together custom forms very quickly!


One of the easiest ways in which you can generate more leads through your website is to use a plugin such as OptInMonster. This will ask users to opt into your email newsletter so that you can stay in contact with customers and encourage them to return to your site.