5 Best WordPress Analytics Plugins for Data Lovers

5 Best WordPress Analytics Plugins for Data Lovers

Anna Kowalska

There’s something strangely addictive about analytics. How else can you get into the mind of your audience and discover what content creates the most engagement? For many website owners it’s an invaluable tool which provides the reasoning for all strategies.

Thankfully, for the data lover there’s plenty of analytics plugins to choose from. Although, many opt for Google Analytics, there is several other options that are just as impressive. Each brings their own solution to data collection. Here’s 5 of the best which provide a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Crazy Egg

Those who prefer their information in a visual form will love the Crazy Egg plugin. Through a process known as heat-mapping, this technology shows where users are clicking on your site. It also shows a scroll map which shows exactly how far users are scrolling through content. Finally, an overlay map lets you visualise the numbers of clicks on each given element throughout a site. Although the plugin is free for the initial 60-day trial, a small monthly fee is charged after this period.


Few analytics plugins are more stylish and easy-to-use than Mixpanel. The simplistic interface is perfect for the technophobe. User level tracking enables thorough monitoring of your audience and a handful of tools are designed for user retention. Through the software, you can send push notifications and emails to users while improving funnels to optimise conversions. Pricing is based on this optimisation of conversations and the actions users complete on site. For this reason, you’ll only pay for good results.

WP Power Stats

This is the recommended plugin for those concerned about privacy. Unlike many others, this plugin doesn’t involve third party services meaning all data collected isn’t shared with anyone else. It gives all the key attributes of Google Analytics including page views, data by geographical regions and easily filtered time periods. As added incentive, the standard version of the plugin is free and it’s available in several languages.


This is another smart plugin which places emphasis on the user and conversion funnel. By tracking individual visitors, it allows you to fully understand the process from clicking on site to leaving. It integrates well with WordPress which streamlines day to day use. All the standard analytics tools are available coupled with several options to improve conversions. This does come at a cost as a small business plan and monthly subscription fee is required after the initial introductory stage.

Jetpack by WordPress

Jetpack is a one stop shop which offers far more that data analysis. It covers social media aspects, allows you to manage subscriptions and automatically links those posts which are related. The analytics feature is just as impressive with display stats showing everything from peak visitor hours to trends within you site and views by location. It also gives the administrator the option to choose who has access to these reports. This can be handy for the larger business that may want to limit the information found in analytics to a handful of employees.