5 best PPC Tips for Seasonal Sales

5 best PPC Tips for Seasonal Sales

George Stevens

While many PPC tips can be applied all year round, seasonal sales are their own beast! Best practices are thrown out the window during sale seasons such as Christmas and Cyber Monday. If you want to take full advantage of these peak seasons then you will have to test out our PPC tips below!

PPC and Keywords

If you normally stick to exact match keywords, then you will want to switch this out for phrase and broad match. Broad match, in particular, can work extremely well during the high season if you have most keywords covered in various match types. Remember, however, to check on this daily and exclude anything that has no relation to what you’re selling.

Bid Adjustments

Did you know that you can expand on targeted users without using keywords? This is achieved through similar audiences for search ads, remarketing lists for search ads, demographics and device/day.

Activating High Season Keywords

During the high season, everything changes and you may find keywords that were no profitable throughout the year now are! If you are currently selling a product that the keyword represents then it is highly likely it will be profitable in the high season.

Implement Countdowns to Ads

During the sale season, it is vital to utilise the PPC countdown feature. This cool feature will create a countdown on your ads. There are two key PPC cases that you should be using this for. The first is the last chance to receive packages which are particularly important on the run up to Christmas! This also means you won’t even lose money on creating a sale! Secondly, you will also want to include times on PPC campaigns where the sale is about to end. This is highly effective in attracting customers and leads to great conversions on site. We would also suggest including in your ad a mention of the season, such as Christmas. This then allows your ad to appeal to your customers mindset.

Increase the PPC Budget

One of the most effective ways in which you can take advantage of the high season is to increase your budget. You will tend to find that in peak seasons for the item you are selling that the keywords searched for jump dramatically. This means if you are not altering your budget throughout the year, you could potentially be missing out on revenue!

Carrying on with these PPC tips, you should also make sure to increase your bids. This is because high seasons always convert better and spending that extra money will be worth it. You must do this as not only will you be making more conversions, so will your competitors. Be ready to increase your bid significantly for a bigger portion market share.

We would also suggest splitting your campaigns into mobile. This means you can put your full effort and attention into driving that campaign towards mobile users! When most people find out that more than 50% of their traffic comes from mobile, this becomes a very big issue.