5 Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design allows your website to be seen on a variety of user screen sizes. Whether your customers use a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, a responsive design will optimise a user’s browsing experience by making your website flexible and responsive to each.

With continuous developments in technology, users have the ability to browse and shop on a range of devices, meaning a responsive web design has become increasingly important.

Reach a mobile audience
Advances in technology are the key driver of responsive web design. You now have the ability to reach people on the move by just having one website, rather than customers being directed to a specific site for mobiles.
With tablet sales continuously on the rise, having a responsive website has never been more important.

Save some time and money
Having a responsive web design means you can save yourself the money and time of creating an additional mobile site. With your responsive website useable for all smartphones and tablets, one website is all you need. This also means site management is far more efficient with less content to manage.

Search engine visibility increased
You are able to reduce the time spent maintaining your website by managing one website with a single set of hypertext links. This means you can enhance your link outreach and focus on a strong SEO strategy. With a single responsive website, all your efforts can be focussed in one direction with a unified SEO strategy across all devices.

Your analytics and reports are easily managed
One responsive site means you no longer have to track funnels, redirections, conversion paths and journeys between your sites. Google Analytics allows you to track and monitor your site across multiple devices, with all your analytics condensed into one single report to make analysis far easier.

Your conversion rates and sales increased
There is no need for redirection. Use of standardised Style Sheets (CSS) across devices gives users an improved site experience, creating a consistent look and feel. This ultimately means an improvement on your conversion rates, with people navigating around your website far easier across a range of devices.