10 things to consider when setting up your website


When setting up your website for the first time, there are many things to consider. Planning and organisation is typically the key to a successful design and implementation. We have considered 10 important points to consider when setting up your website:

1. Does your design look professional? – it is important especially as a business online you maintain a professional look. Creating a sophisticated and professional looking website will help create a perception of trust to users and improve the quality of your brand online. Such perceptions from users can be the difference between a poor or good conversion rate.

2. Good usability – it is essential your website is easy for users to navigate, interpret and understand. Also having a fast page load speed will make the usability even better for your website.

3. SEO optimised – if you want your website to be found in the search engines then it is good practice to allow the pages to be crawled (this can be set through robots.txt) and having optimised META information on the pages of your website helps search engines determine what your website should potentially rank for

4. Security – does your website have a secure system in place if you are an e-commerce website taking payments? It is essential you comply with all laws and make sure if you are taking payments within your website that the transactions are safe for users to make.

5. Code of the website – it is important when designing a website that you use up to date code techniques and try to make the HTML code validate.

6. CMS – many websites are needed to be updated on a regular basis. For users who are less experienced with making and updating websites a content management system is typically needed. Choosing a secure content management system which is able to be designed around the pages of the website is well worth considering to make updating the website more efficient.

7. Mobile compatible – we now live in a World where many users are accessing the internet through a mobile or tablet device. It is well worth considering implementing a mobile or responsive design when setting up a website. This will help convert mobile users into sales/keep mobile users on your website for longer.

8. Social media implementation – it is worth considering implementing social media applications/sharing options on the pages of your website. Personal and business websites can benefit from an increased social media presence and having social profile links on your website and share options can help increase such a presence naturally.

9. Content – when setting up your website it is worth considering what kind of content you use to promote your business. Implementing diverse content (text, image and video) gives you a greater chance of keeping users interesting on your website. Also making sure the content is unique and of quality will help your website to obtain more value from search engines crawling your pages.

10. Analytics – it is well worth considering implementing an analytics package such as Google analytics for your website. This can help you track users behaviour on your website and if you are a business your conversion rate.