10 things ecommerce businesses should do this Christmas

Christmas is a huge time of year for sales online. Trends show increased amounts of sales online for Christmas gifts in recent years. If your business sells online, being prepared for this could make or break your Christmas sales. We have put together 10 points on things businesses should do this Christmas:

1. Create Christmas landing pages By creating special Christmas landing pages your website will stand out and be in theme with Christmas. This will help conversion rate for people looking for seasonal gifts and also improve the brand perception online.

2. Target seasonal keywords in PPC and organic – In order to obtain more traffic and the right kind of traffic to your website it is worth researching and targeting specific seasonal Christmas keywords that are relevant to your business. Compiling a list of keywords to target in organic and PPC listings for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo could make a big difference to your sales for that period.

3. Incentives to book early – Promoting an incentive or warning to users to order their products by a specific time will help them receive their items when they need to and not cause the business potentially more pressure towards the end of the ordering cycle of Christmas gifts.

4. Style up the website to have a Christmas theme – By adding Christmas effects and icons to your website (such as the header and navigation) this will help keep users interested more on your website and keep you on a relevant theme for the time of year.

5. Special offers on products for Christmas – Adding special offers in align with Christmas can be a great way to promote products you can do deals on and help ones that need more attention/sales to stand out more.

6. Social media promotion – Promote your Christmas deals and promote Christmas in general on social media profiles such as twitter and facebook, this might help get attention from potential new customers also.

7. Christmas application –  By developing an application users can download for your business website for Christmas featuring exclusive special offers/deals it might help with conversion rate. This might also help you obtain more sales from users searching and buying Christmas gifts through a mobile or tablet device.

8. Offer to wrap up gifts bought on your website – You might be able to make more money on purchases on your website if you charge users to wrap up their gifts. On the other side offering this service for free might allow you to have a bigger incentive of people to buy products from your site rather than competitors, it is certainly a good selling point.

9. Customer service online – Make sure there are enough staff answering e-mails about product enquiries. Lack of staff can cause delayed responses from online customer service teams and possible loss of sales. It is also important to train the staff appropriately for Christmas procedures such as delivery to become more efficient in dealing with issues people have.

10. Server and hardware – Make sure your server can handle an increased amount of traffic to your website when traffic peaks during seasonality of Christmas. If your server has more traffic at any one time than it can handle and then goes offline – you could lose vital sales on your website.

Author Gyles Seward

Gyles is our Managing Director and knowledgeable in all things WordPress.

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