10 Magento Extensions for E-commerce Success

10 Magento Extensions for E-commerce Success

Andy Holland

Within the Magento Community edition, Magento Connect enables developers to create and share paid-for and free extensions, helping any website created on the framework to extend their services and take customer online experience to new levels. We’ve picked ten extensions for Magento we think will improve your store and enhance your customers’ perception of you.


It is essential to engage with your customers and keep them updated with developments. A blog is a fantastic way to let people know about new stock, events, offers and developments. A blog can also help you to get feedback on the products you offer, what people would like you to offer, and ways in which your service can be improved.

Live Chat

live chat

Customer service is vital when it comes to making your users feel valued. With Live Chat you can be on hand to deal with queries from customers who are currently on your site. This might be the extra nudge that helps make the sale, with your instant feedback offering reassurance to the buyer.

ProNav: Mega Dropdown

Ease of navigation is key on any website. ProNav helps you build advanced dropdown menus, similar to those users will have seen on of some of the biggest brand sites. Advanced dropdowns will give your users the opportunity to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, helping retain user interest.

Magento EasyTabs

Whilst it is important to have plenty of content on your site, sometimes product pages can have so much detail that it becomes distracting, sometimes at the cost of a sale. EasyTabs enables you to arrange all of the information on a product into easy-to-navigate tabbed blocks.

Magento Easy Lightbox

Magento comes with a basic yet sufficient product image gallery. This extension adds Lightbox functionality to the gallery, meaning there is no need to open any images in a new window, which can obviously be a problem if your customers have pop-up blockers enabled on their browsers.

Colour Swatches: Magento Extension

colour swatches

Allow the customer to quickly change the main image to an alternative colour option; this saves them having to guess how the product would look in the colour of their choice. A simple but attractive extension.

Ajax Cart Pro

One of the few downsides to Magento is occasionally it can be on the slow side. This extension lets customers add products to their cart without having to refresh the page.


There is the possibility that visitors to your website may not find anything that they personally want, but however know someone who would love the site. Gift Certificates are a fantastic way to engage with these potential customers and this extension makes your website look even more professional.

Multiple Tablerates

After getting your customer to the product they want, the last step is checkout. Multiple Tablerates offers a variety of delivery options, which will give your customer the feeling that they have been looked after throughout their online experience with you. With this cracking extension you can offer shipping options for anywhere in the world.

Magento Social Bookmarking Services

Finally, after you have made a sale it is a great idea to let your customer share it with the online community. As Facebook and Twitter become more and more part of people’s lives, allowing visitors to post quickly and easily to social networking sites can potentially tap in to a new client base via the most powerful marketing tool of all: word of mouth.