10 Great WordPress Themes for Local Businesses

10 Great WordPress Themes for Local Businesses

Stuart Holmes

Running your own business can take up a lot of your time, having to manage everything from HR to IT. A website is essential too, and WordPress offers a number of options with its platform so that you can make the best looking, easiest to use site quickly, easily and wow visitors from the off.

Here are ten of our favourite themes on WordPress at the minute for small businesses.

Simple Business

Great for start ups

Easy to upscale, this theme means that your business and your website can grow with you. Utilising cutting-edge technology, responsiveness, with built-in HTML5 and CSS3, this theme looks vital and modern.


For local businesses that don’t wish to appear ‘just local’

This theme is ideal for creating a good impression. If you are in the corporate field and are established (or wish to give that impression) the chances are your competitors already have a web presence like this theme offers.



The Avada theme is super flexible, bright and vibrant and is the number one bestselling theme of all time. Offering all the tools you need, launched in 2014, Avada has taken Theme Forest by storm!

X: The Theme


Another success story of 2014, this theme is attractive to buyers, users, and most importantly of all, their customers.

Huge and adaptable X now offers free extensions to make it even more appealing.


For support

Another big seller, Enfold offers great support, making it ideal for businesses making their first foray into the digital world. It’s fun to use and creates beautiful results.


Professional and straightforward

If you wish to keep your website clean, Mooncoco is for you. Retaining a thoroughly professional look, this offers a more traditional homepage banner and conventional content list below. Fonts, layout and colours are all customizable to make it feel your own.


Simplicity itself

This theme is even easier. It’s often quite difficult to find themes that work well whilst being simple and Vulcan is a real gem. Ideal for businesses with an older or local familiar customer base.


The need for speed

Divi’s strengths are the speed at which it can be utilised, its adaptability and its up to date look.

This theme comes with its own Divi Builder which enables the user to construct detailed and intelligent layouts without needing to know coding.


Amazing visuals

Highly customisable, the Bouncy theme lets you craft aesthetically pleasing websites.

Whilst relatively simple, Bouncy remains highly responsive, with ‘retina ready’ high-resolution graphics to create a stunning virtual world suitable for practically any business.



A versatile theme loaded with choices. Expect to spend a little time getting to know all of its features before you start making your site but you’ll have fun creating a beautiful online world for your customers with this theme.


When making your website remember:

  • It’s all in a name. Your domain name can make all the difference so avoid hyphens and go for something that is instantly recognisable as your business.
  • Try to get into the mindset of your customer. What would they want from your website?
  • Create a website you would like to use.


Online presence is more important than ever, so don’t waste any time; the sooner you are out there, the sooner you can increase your customer base.

Image source: NASA